Polquhairn Wind Farm

├śrsted has permission to develop Polquhairn Wind Farm, near Sinclairston in East Ayrshire.

The wind farm was granted planning permission in 2018, and comprises nine turbines with a maximum tip height of 100m. Its anticipated installed capacity is 22.5 MW.

We are looking at developing the project further, with higher blade tip heights which will increase the capacity to 27 MW. This will help to ensure that the plans are commercially viable and can be constructed in a subsidy-free landscape.

Public consultation

The Environmental Impact Assessment for the site and the associated planning application can be found here.

Within the scope of the planning application Polquhairn Wind Farm will comprise:

  • 9 turbines with tip heights up to a maximum of 145m. This involves:
  • 1 turbine at 145m
  • 5 turbines at 125m
  • 3 turbines at less than 120m

Based on the specifications of the candidate turbines, the total installed capacity would be a maximum of 34.2 MW

  • Associated foundations, blade laydown areas, external transformers and crane hard-standings at each wind turbine location
  • Access tracks linking the turbine locations
  • Substation compound incorporating electrical switchgear, wind farm control elements
  • Temporary construction compound
  • Network of underground cabling running adjacent to the access tracks where possible
  • A permanent anemometry mast (up to 60 m)
  • Upgraded site access from existing junction off the B7046 public road

We are glad that people participated in the process and will continue to work closely with the local community as matters progress. We anticipate that we will receive a decision from East Ayrshire Council by June/July 2021 and we hope to start construction in 2024 with a view to being operational by 2025. The display materials are available to download in the resource section.

Latest update
  • October 2020
    Online public consultation
  • March 2020
    Public consultation events cancelled following COVID-19 guidance
  • February 2020
    Proposal of Application Notice submitted to East Ayrshire Council to increase the turbine tip heights
  • September 2018
    DPEA granted planning consent for Polquhairn Wind Farm
  • August 2017
    East Ayrshire Planning Committee refused consent for the wind farm application on the single ground of an outstanding objection from National Air Traffic Services (NATS).
  • July 2015
    We joined forces with two East Ayrshire primary schools to help pupils transform their gardens and learn about important environmental issues
  • November 2014
    A planning application was submitted to East Ayrshire Council for the consent of nine wind turbines and associated infrastructure


Ørsted is dedicated to being an active partner in the communities where we develop, build, operate and own green energy assets such as onshore wind farms. In Scotland, we offer a community benefit programme committed to supporting communities close to our wind farm sites. We’re keen to support local community projects wherever we can.

Every year over the lifetime of the wind farm, Ørsted will pay £5,000 into a community development fund for each megawatt of installed capacity.

We are committed to consulting and engaging with the people who live and work near our projects.

We are committed to consulting and engaging with the people who live and work near our projects.

A dedicated Community Liaison Group (CLG) was established for Polquhairn Wind Farm to ensure that the proposed development involves local people, takes account of their views and explores opportunities to create long-term economic benefit.

The Polquhairn CLG is comprised of members from the following community councils:

  • Drongan Community Council
  • Ochiltree Community Council
  • Patna Community Council
  • Stair Community Association
  • Rankinston Community Association



Here you can download documentation and resources that relate to the development of the Polquhairn Wind Farm.